The Washington Presidents: Shortest Stop

This is an easy one. Shortstops tend to be bantamweight hustlers with slender wrists and narrow ankles, mere wisps of men who appear more at home making cookies in an oak tree than playing the ferocious game of base and ball. Fun shortstop fact: Rabbit Maranville, Hall of Fame shortstop, got his name because he patrolled the infield on the back of a Belgian hare. Casting a president for this position is a no-brainer.


James Madison, Shortstop

Madison is, famously, our shortest president, coming in at approximately 5’4″ tall. That’s a full foot shorter than Lincoln or LBJ. That’s really the only requirement for the job, so Little Jemmie wins it by default, the two sweetest words in the English language.

Comparable players: David Eckstein, Pee Wee Reese


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