Kansas City to Cooperstown…err…Canton

With the first pick in the NFL draft the Kansas City Royals select…

You may have only thought you’ve heard those words before. While the Kansas City Chiefs have done a lackluster job of drafting in the NFL the Kansas City Royals will not be outdone. Despite only having drafted 1 MLB Hall of Famer the Royals have managed to grab 3 NFL Hall of Famers over the years.

John Elway and Dan Marino were both select in ’79 by KC.


Taken later in 1985 was Prime Time himself, who would rebuff the Royals and later sign with the Yankees out of Florida State.


Of these picks Elway turned out to be the top player taken in the 1983 NFL draft. However this was not the first or last time the Royals would draft the top NFL player. In 1971 the Royals drafted both Archie Manning and NFL fringe hall of famer Steve Bartkowski who would later be drafted 1st overall by the Atlanta Falcons in 1975. Bartkowski still owns almost every Falcons passing record.


In 1986 the Royals took the only NFL player who has yet to work out for them when they took Heisman Trophy winner and the 1986 top NFL pick again in Bo Jackson.


But the story doesn’t end there. See in the 2005 minor league rule 5 draft the Kansas City Royals opted for future 1st round Cleveland Browns pick Brandon Weeden. Weeden would play out 2006 in the Royals system then return to Oklahoma State to pursue football. Currently the starting QB of the Browns, Weedens hall of fame chances look slim. But still it keeps a very interesting storyline alive.


Maybe young hopefuls like Eric Hosmer and Sal Perez can give current Hall of Famer George Brett some hope for one day providing some Cooperstown company.

hosmer perez

Brett sure does look lonesome for some company these days.



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