Diamondbacks Concerned with Tyler Skaggs’s Mechanics

It’s been a tough season for Diamondbacks left-hander Tyler Skaggs. After failing to win a rotation spot in spring training — which wouldn’t have been so bad seeing that he’s just 22 years old — Skaggs put up mediocre or worse numbers in 25 starts across three levels, including posting an atrocious 5.12 ERA and 4.86 FIP in seven starts (38.2 IP) at the Major League level. His drop in velocity is one thing that led to underwhelming peripherals and even-less-whelming outcomes.

But Skaggs’s poor 2013 results aren’t the only thing that Diamondbacks management is concerned with: Skaggs has also been dealing with chronic car problems. Skaggs drives a classic 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was used in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He has tried to keep up with maintenance, but the business of the baseball season sometimes gets in the way. Skaggs admits that he’ll often just let his childhood buddy, Davoin Shower-Handel (whom readers might remember as a running back for the University of Southern Mississippi), work on his (i.e. Skaggs’s) car as a hobby.

D’backs GM Kevin Towers had this to say regarding said:

I think a lot of that is probably his mechanics. It’s just a little out of whack right now. He still has the good breaks and transmission, but his fuel line gets backed up. He doesn’t have confidence in his shifting because of that. He’s gun shy [when accelerating]. In the offseason, Tyler will just have to put in the time to find a mechanic that knows classic cars. His mechanics have been inconsistent.

If Skaggs prefers to have a personal connection with his mechanics, he may consider being a regular at Clazzic Carzz, a shop used by many professional athletes in Arizona who drive vintage vehicles. Clazzic Carzz is run by another former college football star, Cartoons Plural, who comes from a long line of quality mechanics. Plural’s grandfather, Singular Plural, once repaired a blown head-gasket in a 1963 Volvo PV544 with nothing but an aluminum can and a coat hanger.


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