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Kenneth Gonzales Don’t Know Bo

BoBreakerDiamond Mines has published four reports by Kansas City Royals scout Kenneth Gonzales regarding the skills of dual-sport legend Bo Jackson. In less than one year’s time, Gonzales gave two very dissimilar reviews: in April 1985 Gonzales calls Jackson the best athlete in America; less than a year later, he can’t find many kind words for Mr. Jackson.



Insightful Insights, w/ Tracy Ringolsby

Tracy Ringolsby, the 2005 recipient of the J.G. Taylor Spink Award, presented at the Baseball Hall of Fame, has covered Major League Baseball since 1976. He offers his insight on and

Recently, Tracy Ringoldsby offered his insight on the career of Mark Kotsay, with the help of some choice quotes from Kotsay himself.

Let’s savor a few of these insights together in a scintillating session of Insightful Insights, w/ Tracy Ringolsby:

Mark Kotsay is a baseball lifer.

And the game is better for it.

So here’s some of that insightful insight already — this insight is about how to write good articles: Open with not one, but two one-sentence paragraphs, no more than seven words each. Classic dramatic bomb dropping. Get the readers’ panties wet.
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