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Edwin Encarnación: Pogo Dong

E5-Bat-Hop-CroppedRemember when you were a kid, how any object might substitute for any similarly shaped object that popped into your imagination?

Remember how, as a kid, sometimes you didn’t know what certain things were used for, like when you mistook your sister’s dildo for a flashlight during a power outage?

Well, Edwin Encarnación is like a kid out there. For Edwin Encarnación, a bat is a dong is a pogo stick, back and forth forever.


Troy Tulowitzki: Determined Dong-Tapper

walkoffwashAs if he was commissioned by Solo Dong Piece’s donGIF department itself, Troy Tulowitzki would not be denied a congratulatory tapping of Rafael Betancourt‘s cod piece.

Like a dong magnet to an inversely charged dong, Tulo’s hand is.

Log Jammin’

Presenting Evan Longoria as Jackie Treehorn

Recently Evan Longoria was called out for having passed up Ben Zobrist on a fly ball to centerfield. Rays manager Joe Maddon came to Evan’s defense to argue that he had in fact not passed Zobrist.

Crew Chief John Hirschbeck (above) disagreed and offered the following report on the incident after the game:

In the same game, Orioles DL placeholder Brian Roberts hyperextended his dong sliding into second base. The injury is considered a threat to his porn career.